Pro-Bond 2000 – 290ml



Pro-Bond 2000 – 290ml

Pro-Bond 2000 is a universal flexible construction, shopfitting, marine adhesive and sealer based on advanced MS-Polymer technology. Pro-Bond 2000 will seal and bond to most surfaces without priming, on solid, dust free and non-porous surfaces. Pro-Bond 2000 is paintable and can be applied in damp conditions. Pro-Bond 2000 is ideal for use in below ground tanking situations for sealing around service pipes. Being an adhesive and a sealer that contains no solvents or iso-cyanates this product is ideal for bonding double glazed units into PVC frames.

A variety of colours including Crystal Clear
Fully paintable
Can be used below ground and in damp conditions
Will bond most surfaces including non-porous surfaces.

CLICK HERE to Download Pro-Bond 2000 Detailed Information & Health & Safety Data Sheet